Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Selection of Creepypasta (by me!)

The horror.
A Selection of Creepypasta (by me)

Creepypasta is an idea widely circulated on the internet, usually where creepy short stories are spread around the internet by word of mouth. This has gained them the name 'Creepypasta', where the 'pasta' has signified the idea of pasting the story elsewhere.

Well, if you ignore my probably completely factually incorrect, creepypasta is pretty much creepy stories. And I love writing creepy stories. These were originally written with the purpose of keeping me occupied during times of night when the internet wasn't working, during powercuts (nothing like writing semi-horror during a blackout), and during long travels. The secondary purpose to writing these was to put them on the Amazon Kindle store for a small fee - and potentially profit a bit out of my hobby. I'm not sure if it was worth the money, and it certainly wasn't long enough, so here it is for free!

If you do want to donate, and you do feel the book was actually worth some essence of your time, my PayPal address to which you can make a donation is on the final 'About the Author' page.

Enjoy guys, I hope it's not too crappy ;)

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